Monthly News

We made it!

Dear Overlook Families:

The ending of the year is bittersweet. We had a very productive year of learning on all fronts - academically, socially, and emotionally. Our students have risen to challenges and persevered through those obstacles. Middle school is some of the toughest years developmentally and can feel completely overwhelming to both the student and the parent. We get it! However, working as a school-home team is most important and we want to continue to foster that "village" of care for our community of students. While the year is ending please do not hesitate to reach out to communicate any concerns or updates on your child over the summer. Albeit Ms. Miville and I will finally be able to take a chunk of vacation time that we have not been able to take since starting last July, we will return your emails/calls when we return to the office mid-July.