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Mission Statement
The Overlook Middle School counseling program works to create a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment to support all students. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive program that cultivates each student’s academic, career and personal/social growth. Counselors collaborate with students, teachers, parents, administrators and community members to promote the value of positive citizenship and lifelong learning.
The function of the Guidance Department is to assist students in adjusting to the requirements of the overall curriculum and social life at Overlook Middle School and to help them attain the best possible preparation for continuing their secondary education.
The Guidance Department can provide students with a wide variety of services such as: personal, academic and career counseling, course selection and information about Oakmont Regional High School and Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School.
In addition, the Guidance staff is available for students to talk about personal, social, and academic concerns. Counselors are available for parents/guardians to discuss their children’s progress.
The school counselors work closely with parents, teachers, administrators, and the special education staff.
Students may receive a pass from time to time to meet with their school counselor. However, students can arrange a meeting whenever needed, by stopping by the Guidance Office. Students are welcomed and encouraged to visit with their counselor at any time.
School Counselors 
The counselors, in addition to their team responsibilities, are involved in the following:
  • Academic counseling
  • Crisis counseling (individual & group)
  • Home/school liaison activities
  • Transitional activities (elementary to middle school and middle school to high school)
  • Student registrations and transfers
  • School wide initiatives
Adjustment Counselor
The adjustment counselor meets with students who have a counseling component as part of their individualized educational plan.
School Psychologist
The school psychologist provides assessment and consultation services for the district through the special education department.
Grade 6 School Counselor:
Ms. Holman (
Grade 7 School Counselor:
Mrs. Coyne (
Grade 8 School Counselor:
Mrs. Whitaker (
School Psychologist:
Ms. Beliveau (
Admin. Assistant:
Mrs. Higgins (