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OMS Parent Student Handbook - Student Responsibilities

Overlook Middle School

Parent-Student Handbook


Student Responsibilities


In order to provide the best possible environment for learning, we expect that the students at Overlook will:


  • Be responsible
  • Be respectful 
  • Be ready to learn

These expectations are part of a larger framework we call the “Behavior Matrix”.  As a faculty, we review our Behavior Matrix each year and make adjustments as necessary.  The Behavior Matrix is taught and modeled by teachers in each classroom throughout the school year. 

Behavior Matrix

Academic Honesty




A student shall not copy, attempt to copy another person’s work, or provide work to be copied.  No student shall conspire to cheat on an assignment or test by handing in another student’s work, using cheat notes, or looking at another student’s paper.  Plagiarism is defined as stealing and passing off the ideas and words of another as one’s own, using a product without crediting the source, turning in a paper retrieved from any Internet source (either free or for a fee) or including information from an encyclopedia, book, textbook, web site, database, etc. without citation is plagiarism.  A paper is considered plagiarized if any part of it is taken from another source without proper citations. Moreover, student actions such as conversing with another student(s) during an exam or assessment can be considered cheating.



A student shall not sign a parent/guardian name to any school document for the purpose of gaining parental permission/acknowledgement.  Said documents include but are not limited to; detention slips, field trip permission forms, behavior contracts, bus notes, report cards, and progress reports.



Sanctions for violation of Academic Honesty will result in a zero grade for the assignment in question, and/or discussions involving the student, teacher, school counselor, parents and administration.  Serious or multiple offenses may result in administrative consideration for suspension.

Care of School Property


Students shall be held responsible for all books or other school property issued to them during the school year. Students are required to cover all of their textbooks. In a case of loss or damage of school materials, students will be required to pay the full replacement value. Outstanding obligations resulting from nonpayment of goods, books and materials may result in the withholding of official documents until all obligations have been met. Students with outstanding obligations will be ineligible to participate in any school activities until such bills are paid in full. 

Classes Supervised by Substitute Teachers


Substitute teachers are professional staff members who do the important work of enabling us to continue important learning activities when teachers are absent. Students are required to show respect for all substitute teachers and complete the classroom assignments given by substitute teachers. Students must follow the instruction given by the substitute teacher and must comply with all standards of behavior expected of students at Overlook.  

Dress Code


Students are expected to exercise maturity and responsibility in all matters including their dress and personal grooming. Overlook is a place of serious work and dress should be attuned to that concept. Students should remember at all times the five guiding principles of dress: neatness, suitability, moderation, cleanliness and safety. 

Teachers and the administration will determine the interpretation of these guiding principles. Any attire that is disruptive, distractive, or does not conform to standards of common decency and propriety is forbidden. Wearing apparel harmful to school property or that could be injurious including clothing with chains is not permitted. Footwear must be worn at all times, subscribing to public health and sanitation standards. Outside clothing, including hats, costume wigs, coats, jackets or sunglasses must be kept in lockers. We do not advocate tobacco, drugs, alcohol or sex and we do not allow clothing that advertises or advocates these topics.

Some current fashion trends are not acceptable in our school environment.  These include but are not limited to: pajamas, slippers, pants worn low on the hips to reveal underwear or the midriff, midriff or breast baring tops, short shorts or skirts, pajama tops or bottoms, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, beachwear, underwear as outerwear and any form of revealing clothing.  Dress for physical education must adhere to the dress code.  Sneakers must be worn and tied securely for all physical education sports/activities.

Refusal to change or cover offensive clothing items will result in disciplinary measures for insubordination and may result in removal from school.  

A general rule of thumb to follow: If you are not sure if it is inappropriate to wear – don’t.

** Failure to comply with the above will result in the student being assigned consequences.  **