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OMS Parent Student Handbook - School Activities

Overlook Middle School

Parent-Student Handbook


School Activities

Academic Standing


Academics are a priority at Overlook Middle School.  Students must pass all of their classes to be eligible for participation in afterschool programs.  Students receiving incompletes will not be allowed to participate until the incomplete is made up.  Ineligibility will be reassessed at progress report time.  If a student is passing all of their classes, they will be removed from the ineligible list.




To be eligible to play in an athletic contest or participate in an after school activity at Overlook Middle School a student must be present for the school day or provide an excused absence note.  




Overlook Middle School presently has several interscholastic sports available to its students.

Interscholastic sports offered include:

  • Cross Country, 
  • Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer,
  • Field Hockey,
  • Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball,
  • Spring Track,
  • Baseball
  • Softball

All students have the opportunity to participate on sports teams consistent with their gender identity.  


Special Activities


Special activities such as field trips and field days can bring the school and the community closer together, which can result in real life experiences that enrich the curriculum for students. The School Committee also encourages special activities as an integral part of the instructional program at Overlook.  


Extracurricular Activities


Extracurricular activities sponsored by the school or district are nondiscriminatory in that the school provides equal opportunity for all students to participate in intramural and interscholastic sports.  Extracurricular activities, clubs, and dances sponsored by the school do not exclude students on the basis of race, color, national background, religion, sex, gender identity, disability, economic status, political party, age, handicap, sexual orientation, homelessness and other human differences.  


The Overlook Middle School will ensure that:

  •   Activities are properly supervised;
  •   Safety precautions are observed;
  •   Reasonable accommodations are made to promote participation by students with disabilities.


Students participating in special activities must meet certain standards in order to be eligible for such participation.  Since academics are a very important aspect of the educational process and special activities are designed to enrich the curriculum, behavior is what will determine student participation.  Students who have displayed a polite and respectful attitude, a sense of responsibility, and who are positive representatives of Overlook’s student body will be allowed to participate in special activities. 


A committee of teachers, a school counselor and the administration will review the discipline records before each field trip to determine which students will be allowed to participate.  Students and their parents will be notified of their eligibility prior to each special activity.